Soil Steriliser

Key Features

A patented design, the Nicholson Soil Sterilisers is the first of its kind and is built for continuous operation. 

How it works

  • Untreated soil is bucketed into a hopper, and for best results the soil is normally graded to below 40mm.
  • An auger feeds a rotating drum with the heater inside, by adjusting the speeds the temperature can be varied from 40c to 85c.
  • Assume diesel fuel usage with sandy soils at 2 litres cu/m and 4 litres cu/m for peat soils, figures can be affected by ambient temperature and moisture etc.
  • Electric variable speeds are fitted throughout the soil steriliser to maintain accurate output and heat settings.
  • Sterilisers are built with in-feed hopper and discharge elevator and in capacities of 5 to 60 cubic metres per hour.

The Nicholson Soil Steriliser can be produced to run on a choice of fuel, including gas, diesel, or bio fuel. It can also be used for soil dehydrating.